• Multi-Function LED controller - RGB DMX Control

Multi-Function LED controller - RGB DMX Control

This controller works with LED modules or strips to create rich and colorful lighting effect. Also available to control the ultra-thin wall washer.

Widely used for entertainment place as amusement hall,club and building outdoor decoration. Adopt wireless technology to realize remote control .

I. Specification

- Weight : 150g + 50g (remote controller)

-Dimension: 100 mm X 72 mm X 25mm

-Input Voltage:12V/24V DC

-Max Output current: 8A

-Output signal: 256 levels brightness, PWM 4-wire and 3-loop controller,common anode

-Connector: plug terminal

-Memory capacity:16KB

-Wireless remote control, the control distance is 50~ 100M at open field

-Standard DMX512 signal Input/output connector

II. Features:

1. Custom made programs are available with a inner memorizer . After editing the programs with software on the computer, you can down-load the programs into the inner memorizer. It is convenient for customers to custom made programs and change programs. This controller can contain more than 200 programs which includes 7 fixed programs.

2. Can adjust the brightness of static programs freely.

3. Can adjust the programs display speed freely.

4. Assistant with remote signal enhancement mode, to increase the remote distance.

5. Both hand press buttons and wireless remote control, remote signal enhancement mode allow the remote distance to reach 50~ 100M .

6. Automatically remember the display model and parameters. Automatically recall the memory display model when restart the controller.

7. Standard DMX512 slave model, Work synchronously is available.

8. Automatically code IP address in series.

III. The instruction of remote function

A —— To change the programs

B —— To increase the speed or brightness

C —— To decrease the speed or brightness

D —— To control the output

IV. Functions:

•  Programs display

It will display the memory programs last time. You can change the programs by adjusting the button "program" or the remote key "A". To adjust the brightness of static program or the speed of dynamic program by pushing the button "+" "-" or remote key "B" "C". Series 1~7 are the fixed programs of single color. Above series 8 is custom made programs, there are 9 models at present. So the total programs are 16kinds, you can select programs from 1~16.

•  Work synchronously

Multiple controllers can realize the work synchronously by connection the DMX signal interface together. Just connect the DMX output port of former controller to the DMX input port of the following connector, then the following controllers will become the slave controllers automatically. The total connection length could be 100M .

•  DMX controlled function

The DMX input port can receive standard DMX512 signal, each controller own 3 channels for R/G/B. When the controller received signal, the hand button function and remote function will be prohibited. In the moment, the controller is controlled by the input controller or DMX console. Under synchronously function, the following controllers will be controlled too.

•  Coding function.

This controller support the coding function from coder, and it can realize the coding function in series too. When controllers connected in series, push the 3 buttons of the first controller, the address of first controller will become 1. In the meantime, the indicator and connected lights will flash green which means they are in the coding process. The following controllers will be coded as 2,3,4...

•  Remote signal enhancement mode

When the DMX In port "D+" without cable connected, the remote distance is very limited as the wireless remote module is shielded. If you connect other controller to "D+", the remote distance will increase a lot. If it is individual master controller( no connection to other controller), you can add a small lead wire to "D+"(as the left picture), it can increase the remote distance too. This method is very suitable for the controller in the shield environment. You can connect a wire to "D+" and lead to the outside of shield environment area.

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